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A powerful quantum bioresonance machine Medicomat 4025 Hunter is now available in online cloud version. Our goal is that everyone can have their own Quantum Headset and through Medicomat.Cloud to daily or periodically check the health and treat yourself at home or anywhere.

Medicomat Quantum Headset can work on any home computer or laptop based on Windows 10. Software is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Croatian.

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Quantum Headset with Medicomat.Cloud Subscription Licensing $4.485.00
Quantum Headset Medicomat.Cloud Subscription Licensing with Laptop $5.985.00

Provided the instruction manuals, step-by-step video training and online support for your successful start.
Shipments are sent out via traceable courier service. The warranty on the Quantum Headset is 12 months. Medicomat.Cloud Subscription Licensing is provided and guaranteed for 3 years. Technical support is provided even after the expiration of these periods.

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