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 Medicomat Affiliate Program

 Become a Medicomat Affiliate and earn on each Medicomat sale

The Medicomat affiliate program sends your page viewers to Medicomat.Cloud, one of the leading comprehensive healthcare platforms in the world. Medicomat has developed innovative health solutions designed to perfectly suit its subscriber’s health needs through its remote diagnosis and therapy.

100% Free to Sign up
Applying to be an affiliate is absolutely free and a Medicomat.Cloud account is not required

Recurring Lifetime Comission
Earn commission for every new user, and subscription renewal

High converting products
We have affiliates generating a conversion rate for sales at 10-20%!

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The Medicomat.Cloud Affiliate Program is operated through professional affiliate program.

- You can promote our companys products by placing our company wording, image and link, along with your specific affiliate tracking number, on your website, email list, social networks, blogs, and articles
- You earn a 15% commission on the order value and 15% recurring commission for subscriptions
- You will get paid monthly via PayPal
- You can track your progress online

Performance Rewards
The affiliate system automatically tracks and rewards good performance by our affiliates. Your commissions in actual month can be defined as follows:
– for less than 10 sales the commission is 15%
– for 10-20 sales the commission is 20%
– for 20 or more sales the commission is 25%

New Affiliate
Click Continue to crea te a new affiliate account. Please note that this is not connected in any way to your customer account.

Conditions for entering the partner program
- You have a website, app or blog.
- Your audience has an interest in or affinity with our content.
- You are 18 years or older.
- You agree to all Partner Program conditions as stated in our General Terms and Conditions.
- Your website does not engage in illegal activities and is not used in a manner or for a purpose contrary to our Terms and Conditions.

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